About Us

With two young children and hopeful hearts, we decided to leave our metropolitan life, jobs, and friends to chase simplicity and joy. We landed at the top of the Palouse and haven't looked back. Days of traffic, hustle, and commotion have been replaced with dirt roads, slow mornings, and family dinners. We gladly sink our roots a little deeper each day into this gorgeous place we call home.

Each year Greg and his hunting buddies would sneak away for a few days of pheasant hunting and fun. Over the years, this trip became the annual "rooster roadtrip." Sitting by the fire on a crisp October night, the Palouse Prairie hat was born. The guys decided they needed a high quality, comfortable hat to wear during their days in the field and nothing fit the bill. After years of tinkering- we've perfected the design and tailored it for the modern outdoorsman. 

Palouse Prarie is our family-owned small business based in the wheatfields of eastern Washington. Although we launched in 2018 the dream started long before.